Happier and Healthier Teams

The all-in-one platform to improve your team and athlete communication and mental well-being.

Prepare for performance like you’ve never seen

Improved Communication. Better Insight Into Athlete Struggles. Higher Athlete Retention.

Improve Mental Health

Athletes have lives, too. Learn about their stress outside of sports.

Clear and Concise Communication

Sometimes an athlete will be more open and honest when they can communicate through writing.

Happier Parents

Parents want what is best for their kids, part of that is their mental health.

Better Insight to Inform Your Practice Schedule

When athletes are communicating openly and honestly, you can create better practice plans.

Unprecedented Athlete Performance

Take Your Coaching to the Next Level

Writing¬†helps athletes’ analyze their performance, thought processes, and feelings. It brings more meaning to what they are experiencing. Writing is a reminder of what they are working towards. As a coach, your athletes’ writing provides you with another way to enhance communication.

I have learned so much about my athlete's from using irys. I've been able to better adapt my practice plans based on the feedback I receive.

What a change irys has had on my athletes. When they said happier and healthier teams I didn't take it to be a literal thing. Love it.

Happy Athletes and Families

Built By Actual Athletes, Coaches, Nutritionists, Psychologitgs, and Sports Development Professionals.

Everyone at irys was at one point an athlete. Since moving on, they’ve started coaching, counseling, or teaching their craft. But everyone felt that something was missing in an athlete’s development – the mental training and attention. That’s why irys was created – to help coaches and athletes enhance their mental wellbeing.